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Playlist (30/06/16):

The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go (Radio Edit)
Spencer - Hidden From The Sun
Farewell, My Love - Burn Out The Night
Trick Or Treat - The Great Escape
DGM - Animal
Everyday Sidekicks - Fracture
Vimic - My Fate
Carnifex - Six Feet Closer To Hell (Clean Edit)
Totenmond - Blut auf Krank
Creinium - Prometheus Through Immolation
Ketzer - When Milk Runs Dry
Valient Thorr - No Count Blues
Stuck Mojo - The Business Of Hate
Bullet Height - Hold Together [Earworm Of The Week]
Temple Of Lies - MoM
Hercules Morse - Asleep At The Wheel
Earth Ship - Red Leaves
Aisles - Upside Down
Schemata Theory - Horror Show (Radio Edit)
Zodiac - Follow You
Chambers - Disappear
Templeton Pek - Fractures
Hostile Within - Ashes Fall

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